Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Husbands, cameras and Tongues, Oh MY! Take 2

For those who may not have believed me on a previous post when I commented about me not being able to take a picture of my handsome husband without him sticking his tongue out at me upon sensing a camera pointed in his general direction, here is another post devoted to him and his camera loving antics.

Wait for it...the tongue is right there behind the teeth, getting ready to work its way out...just watch.
Here it comes...

There it is...right on cue.
The moment (urge) has passed. Guess he doesn't sense the camera anymore. Maybe he plain old doesn't have feeling left in his head from the tight goggles. He's got that "OUCH" expression.
Beware Fishes!

In all fairness, I was finally able to catch a nice picture of him. I don't know how it happened, but it did. I am sure the tongue was right there behind those pearly whites poised and ready to ruin the shot. Thankfully he exerted self control. The only bad part of the whole thing is the fact that I inadvertently got a picture of myself in his glasses!


Julie said...

He's such a goof!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my shameless plea for comments post! Everyone likes a little attention sometimes. And thanks for being a devoted reader...LOL

I think I found the blogroll thing because of you! Thanks, because now I don't have to go checking everyone else's blogs 100 times a day!

12-arrows said...

Cute pictures but you did capture a great picture of him in the end!

David and Casey said...

Hey Destini! This is Casey Lutz. How are you? Yes, actually my mother-in-law told us about The Point and that you went there. I would recognize your husband and kids from the blog, but to be honest i don't if i'd recognize you. I don't see your pic enough. We've been going the last month now and absolutely LOVE it. We should try to hook up and find one another at church for sure.

amanda said...

ok, I just read your comment on Julie's blog... just so you know, I may have been ***sitting at my computer shaking my head (while smiling)*** but I would never be thinking the other thing...something negative, I can't remember exactly what now because it has been like 15 seconds or so...

also, I just like to see your love for your husband via these kind of posts - its a wonderful thing!

(people complaining about their husbands to me right now just doesn't go over very well =)