Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2nd post in 1 day!

So here you have it. I go for weeks without one single post, then today you get two. A few days ago I had you praying for me to be able to discern between the urgent and the important and to let God relieve some of my stress. Today was just another of those days that could have greatly consumed me again.

Again, my Father showed his grace and compassion and I was only consumed for a few hours!

What started out as a typical morning of kicking the kids in the behind to get out the door for school, I remembered that I left the car just about on walk yesterday and that I would have to get gas this morning. As I pulled out of the drive, I reached down between the seats to make sure I had my purse and wallet in it. Well, the purse was there, but the wallet, the checkbook, the driver's license....GONE. All of the change in my ashtray...Gone.

Unfortunately, Satan had a hold of my big toe and the word **it flew off my lips realizing just what had happened. Silly me had left my purse in the car. An opportunistic desperate someone stole my belongings from my car. Opportunistic desperate someone was at least kind and considerate to lock the van after he had stolen my things---See? Silver lining folks.

I turned around and went back home to start making the first of about 3 hours worth of phone calls to cancel credit cards, place stops on checks...blah, blah, blah. I got that done, took the kids to school a few hours late then went about getting a new license and atm card.

After kicking myself over and over again for leaving my purse in the car, I had to sit back and laugh at myself. I stressed over nothing. The opportunistic desperate person did not break into my house and harm my family. He did not steal my van, even though the keys were in it (I know, dumb, huh?). He (or she) didn't drain my accounts or go on a spending spree (that I know of). All the stuff was able to be replaced. I learned a valuable lesson. God was faithful.

After replacing my license and card I headed home and noticed a huge mess of papers in the neighbor's yard. It was actually some of the stuff from my purse. I didn't get everything back, but am thankful that some of the important things were left behind.
Again, there are so many lessons. God just asks us to be faithful in all things and in all situations. Lord, I'm trying.

Updates on the Prayer Requests

Thanks again for your prayers, it was greatly appreciated! Now for the updates:

  • My nephew was able to come home from the hospital on Friday and at last word he has been recovering nicely at home.
  • The friend who had surgery had 4 bypasses done and the doctors were more than pleased with those results. But with good came bad. What was originally believed to be blood clots in the lungs is now believed to be cancer. Please continue to pray for him and his family.
  • WE GOT THE JOB! The church had their business meeting last night and voted on the lighting proposal. It was a unanimous decision. We got the job! What a praise.
  • I am all packed for Florida. It was my goal to have everything ready on Saturday. I got it all packed and waiting. Our airline now charges 15.00 ea. way for checked luggage. I was able to get us all packed into carry-ons. I actually got the girls in 1 carry-on. Space bags really work!

Thanks again for all of the prayers. I pray that your days are blessed and that the Lord reveals himself more to you.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Please join me in praying...

I believe every day we are faced with making a choice between those things which are important and those things which are urgent. I believe that satan is behind a lot of the urgent things because they greatly distract us from the important things in our lives, such as spending time with the Lord so we are better equipped to handle the urgent matters.

With that being said, I am asking for your prayers to help me discern those things that are urgent and those things that are important. Pray that I would be able to effectively manage my time to include sustenance from God's word and time spent conversing with the Father.

Some days I feel so overcome with stress and KNOW that is not what God wants for me. I am amazed over and over again how He alleviates that stress when I let him in. Why am I such a slow learner?

A few other prayer concerns:
  • Strength for my Florida family. My nephew has been in the hospital with pneumonia for over a week now. He is on the mend, but it has been difficult because everyone there is sick too! My brother in law's mother passed away in the midst of all this. He had to fly here to Michigan and leave his son in the hospital with pneumonia. He is now back home in Fla...We are hoping that Lane will come home from the hospital Sat.
  • A friend from church had to say goodbye to her 19 year old brother this week after a heroin overdose. Her mom ended up under psychiatric care after being the one to find him.
  • Another friend was struggling with blood clots in his body only to find out that many of his major arteries were blocked. He went in for emergency surgery yesterday. I'm still awaiting results.
  • A dear friend's BFF went home to Jesus only 6 mos. after being diagnosed with skin cancer leaving behind a wife and child.
  • As always, for us. Please pray that God would continue to supply all of our needs and continue to bless us with work. Things have been rather slow lately. There will be a meeting on Mon. evening in which church members will be casting their vote on a proposal for lighting that we submitted. The proposal has been accepted by the deacons and trustees and now must be brought before the congregation. This would be HUGE for us. The funding is in place, we just need the yes vote. It is an almost certain thing...but please be praying for this to happen.
  • Last but not least...we are making a small run to Florida the 13-18th of this month. Please pray that we have safe travel there and back and that we all remain healthy. Also pray that God would grant us restoration, relaxation and peace during this time. It has been a LONG time since we've been away.

Thank you to my praying friends. I so appreciate your words of and encouragement and all of your prayers.