Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to the Grind!

This week marks the end of another furiously fast summer and the ushering in of yet another school year. This school year is another milestone for our family. Sissy officially moved to "The Big Kid's Hall" at school. We no longer have to fight the parking frenzy in the main parking lot. We can retreat to the side of the building where things are much calmer, more laid back. Big Bro. is now in the 5th grade and is beginning his last year at the elementary building. He is one of the kids the little ones look up to, the role models of the building. It is hard to believe that this time next year he will be over at the Junior High building (**sniff**sniff**).
Here are my shining stars outside of the building all ready for their first morning at school after spending a summer sleeping in. Sissy is very happy indeed. I am sure that on the inside she is just downright giddy.

Boogie is the picture of cool and collected, containing her sadness with the "Sibs" heading off to school Again, Sis, busting on the inside, full of glee and excitement as she begins the year as a 3rd Grader!
The awesome part about being a 3rd grader in the "Big Kids Hall" is getting a locker. Most kids can't wait to get that beautiful blue locker. The best part about it is her locker partner is her BFF A***. Her BFF is also in her class this year, which is a huge blessing. Sis has been in a split class for the past 2 years and is beginning her 3rd year. She has only had about 4 girls total in her class each year. We have prayed for her to have a Bestie in class with her. Our God Rocks!

Big Brother is ready to go. He is the picture of cool and confident. I have to say that I am truly proud of his spirit. Helps that he has his dad's bright and smiling disposition in the morning. (Unfortunately, Sis takes after me)

Here he is stuffing his stuff in the locker.

I have to admit that this first day of school has not been as hard as years past. I didn't attend the "Boo-hoo Tea" this year, no tears were shed. Next year, well next year will be another story...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Sweet Sister Moment

It's moments like this...

That truly make you appreciate moments like this...

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Little Gift From God

I have received the most awesome little gift from God. To give you a little background...I LOVE flowers. I love their colors, fragrance and brilliance. I love the way they can perk up your mood. Usually my girls and I plant flowers in the pots on our porches. This year we didn't. I kind of went on strike. I didn't plant flowers, I didn't plant a garden. The critters around here constantly try to plant their walnuts in my flower pots and dig up my flowers, the deer eat my corn and the woodchucks eat my lettuce. It all gets very frustrating! Secretly, I have been a little upset with myself for getting so discouraged about feeding the neighborhood wildlife. God sensed my frustration and sent me this... A lone single sunflower that grew up in my flower pot on my front porch.
I've been watching it grow from a small sprout for many weeks...

...Into a beautiful flower
I am forever reminded through things like this that God sees and hears everything. Not only does he know the number of hairs on our heads, our thoughts and desires, but he pays attention to those little details and responds in ways we can't imagine. Sometimes he sends a person or a song. Sometimes he simply sends a lone sunflower.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Little Super Model

So a few years back I pretty much swore off taking my children to the budget portrait studios for their baby pictures. It seemed like I was always waiting, babies were cranky, the backgrounds were boring and the photographers were cranky. I was usually unhappy with the end result because I didn't feel that the photographer adequately captured the personality of my children. They would settle for fake smiles because they didn't know my child enough to know what was real or fake. They would pose them in positions totally unnatural for my children. When the older two children were 3 and 5, a friend took me to For-Mar in the fall in took some of the best pictures I had ever seen. It was pretty much at that moment, I decided I would forego the studios and try things a little differently.

A couple of years ago my husband bought me a very nice camera. Since then, I've done Boogie's pictures. We are a little late getting these done, as her 3 year old birthday was in December, but the landscape this time of year is so much nicer! So without further adieu, here are Boogie's 3 year pictures....

It was so fun taking her pictures. She pretty much posed her self and I sat back watching her play. Let me know what your favorites are...I am having a hard time deciding for myself which are my favorites.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Husbands, cameras and Tongues, Oh MY! Take 2

For those who may not have believed me on a previous post when I commented about me not being able to take a picture of my handsome husband without him sticking his tongue out at me upon sensing a camera pointed in his general direction, here is another post devoted to him and his camera loving antics.

Wait for it...the tongue is right there behind the teeth, getting ready to work its way out...just watch.
Here it comes...

There it is...right on cue.
The moment (urge) has passed. Guess he doesn't sense the camera anymore. Maybe he plain old doesn't have feeling left in his head from the tight goggles. He's got that "OUCH" expression.
Beware Fishes!

In all fairness, I was finally able to catch a nice picture of him. I don't know how it happened, but it did. I am sure the tongue was right there behind those pearly whites poised and ready to ruin the shot. Thankfully he exerted self control. The only bad part of the whole thing is the fact that I inadvertently got a picture of myself in his glasses!

Monday, August 4, 2008


I got word this morning that my brother was released from the hospital this morning. They originally told him it would not be until Wednesday. He still has some recovering to do...his hand is still very stiff. He will require physical therapy for a while to get that back in working order. Thanks so much for all of the prayers.

The Flip Side of the Coin

I'm sure that over the course of your life you've heard that there are 2 sides to every story. Today I am offering proof.
Cast of Characters:
Princess in Training...Boogie Cousin visiting from Sunny Florida..."Double T"
(He Looks Sweet Enough)
His mom was sitting somewhere behind him and told him to give Boogie a hug...He happily obliged.

What she saw was one of those heart melting moments when her little man gives his cute cousin a hug.

The Flip side of the coin is what Auntie saw...look at that look of concentration as he carefully poured that water down Boogie's back...

Our lesson for today...there ARE in fact 2 sides to every story.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Taming of Big Bertha

This past weekend we went up north to spend some time at the lake with Steven's family. The 2 big kids decided they wanted to try tubing...but only if Grandpa tried it first to show them the ropes. Never being one to turn down a challenge, Grandpa obliged. Unfortunately, the old tube was no match for Grandpa or our little boat. The cleat ripped off on the first try, which left us scrambling to find a new tube on Saturday morning...Enter BIG BERTHA...
The ride home with Big Bertha was a trip in and of itself. I figured at any moment the little VW convertible was going to go airborne with this big thing attached to the roof, but alas, we did make it back safe and sound with all 4 wheels on the ground. In just a matter of minutes, Big Bertha was hooked on the boat and loaded with its first round of passengers... The first round of the taming went well...
Sis didn't want to get out of the tube.
The lined up for their shot
at taming the beast. Grandma hopped in with Sis.
It is hard to tell who is in charge here...

A quick passenger switch and Bertha is off for another run..
In the end, Bertha was not that intimidating. She just looks big.