Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've been undertaking the arduous task of cleaning kid bedrooms. We decided to switch rooms around and give the girls the bigger bedroom. Along with the cleaning came painting the joy of sorting through junk. One treasure found was the amazing Barbie pooping dog. Not sure it is the best toy to have around as most of the Chinese imports have proven to be lead disasters, but my children are drawn to the little bits of poo that look like little chocolate tic-tacs. I spied Boogie sitting at the table with the pooping puppy...

Me: "Oh, you found your pooping dog!"

Boogie: "Yeah....I just love my pooping dog."

Don't know why, but that struck me so funny. I think my least favorite thing about any dog is the pooping. There is no joy in cleaning dog poop for me. My four year old loves her toy pooping dog. Go figure.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

***The power went out last nite as I went to publish...So it is now Not me Tuesday...**
It has been a while since I participated in the Not Me Monday weekly purging of all the things I haven't done.
This week was pretty good. I had the opportunity to spend some alone time with my husband this past weekend. My sister graciously agreed to keep all the kids...the furry one included. We figured that this would be our only opportunity for a while to celebrate our upcoming anniversary...sooo.....

This weekend we did not get tickets to Pinks All Out at the Martin US 131 Drag Strip. I did not forget to wear sunscreen. I did not sit on bright reflective silver grandstands most of the day that did not fry my white freckly chicken skin to a crisp.

I wish I could say that I did not wear my sunglasses, so I will just say I do not look like a racoon right now (even still after 2 full days).

My knees are not bright red, nor is my chest.
I did not purposely take a shower today to avoid having to wash my face and hair.

I didn't threaten my husband with his life if he took a picture...take my word for it. I'm not the least bit burned.