Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not Me Monday on Wednesday

It has been a really bad week for me so far. It has been very stressful, which I have not been dealing with really well, so my Not Me Monday Post is actually happening today, Wednesday.

I've often felt that my dog and my daughter are twins. They act a lot alike most of the time. It seems that every time I turn around I trip over one or the other. When it came time to let the Mighty Zeus out to go potty that the following conversation ensued:

" you want to go outside?" Of course he did not answer me with words, he just danced in a circle at the door. (Let's just call that a yes). "Okay then, you'd better get your shoes on."

I did NOT tell my dog to put his shoes on to go outside. To do that would be to admit I've finally lost it.

Once you recover from that confession, please say a few prayers for me. I really need for the Lord to help me manage the stress I'm feeling right now and to provide relief from all this strain I'm feeling!
Have a great day!

I don't know how I could forget this, as she has inspired me to confess my sins weekly to the blog public, but McMama had her baby this am and everything looks great! So far the NICU is hard pressed to find ANYTHING wrong with him! Praise the Lord!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday

Yep, it is Monday again already. I have to admit, for the most part, that I did behave myself this week.

On Tuesday I had to go down to Consumer's Energy on behalf of a customer and do a little bit of complaining. Because it is right down from the road from where the big kids go to school, I went right after dropping them off. Because I am so together in the morning, I did not pull Boogie straight from bed and stick her right in the car without her going potty. 15 minutes into our ordeal at Consumer's Energy (while we were standing there waiting in the metering department) she did not start doing the little dance telling me she had to go potty. I did not advise her to start thinking about something else. She did not start going cross-eyed from having to go so bad. I truly did not scope the place out well, we were in the metering department, which translates into huge warehouse for Consumer's Energy Equipment. Knowing that the real bathrooms were quite a ways away, I did not scoot her out to the parking lot to pee. I most certainly did not hold her next to the van to pee in the parking lot that faces Court St. She did not get any down the back of her pants. I did not have to take her pants off and make her ride home with no pants on with my sweatshirt covering her. What kind of parent would do that?

We buy chickens from the Amish folk that live near my father in law. Just so happens that last Tuesday these chickens were ready for me to pick up. With my faithful side kick Boogie and a huge cooler for the Chickens we headed off to Gladwin. We were met at the door by an older Amish Lady. No one told me that this lady had a pretty full beard and mustache. If they had, I would certainly have prepared my little one for the sight. I did not have to shoot multiple arrow prayers for the Lord to keep my Boogie silent. Thankfully he heard those prayers. Thankfully I did not have to cram a granola bar in her mouth. Thankfully, she waited until we were in the car to ask why this lady had a mustache and beard.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Latest Boogieism

I tell ya, this girl is just full of funny stuff. My other two were very sharp too, but I never had the smarts to write the funny stuff down.

In a conversation today...

Boogs: "Hey mom, can I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?"
Me: "Sure"
Boogs: "Wow, this looks really good. tastes good too. Is this no-bake toast?"
Me: "Why yes, yes it is!

Makes sense to me!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


For those who might remember, Boogie attends Princess school. For a while, she had quit going to Princess School because the kids there used such bad language. They actually said Pee and poop quite a bit, which offended Boogie. She left the school and started Fairy School. After going for about 2 weeks, she decided that the kids had cleaned up their language enough to start back at Princess School.

Yesterday Boogie and I took a little road trip. I asked her how her Princess School was going. Her response:

"Mom, remember my friend Hannah?"

Me: "Hannah who?"

Boogs: "You know, Hannah Poblis from Princess School?"

Me: "I don't remember meeting her...but any way, tell me about
Hanna Poblis"
Boogs: "She picks her nose with her tongue."

How do you respond to that? This girl slays me with her imagination. She gives her imaginary classmates first and last names and super power abilities! A beautiful princess in training who picks her nose with her tongue.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Me Monday

It's that day again, the day that I purge my soul of things I didn't do all week long.

  • I'm not sitting here in my pj's (after dropping off the kids at school this am) picking my toenails. That is a gross and disgusting habit.
  • I did not eat a piece of coconut cream pie for breakfast with my cup of coffee this am. It did not taste good, either.
  • I did not sneak a small ice cream cone last night. I most certainly did not hide it under the desk when Boogie came in so I wouldn't have to share.
  • I do not have a problem with sweet stuff.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Not Me Monday...Again

Since my first Not Me Monday post was so liberating, I thought I would confess again and further liberate my twisted soul...

  • I did not leave the house on several occasions to take the kids to school in my pajamas.

  • To further back up point number one, I have never had to stop at the supply house and pick up material to deliver to my husband's job while not wearing my pajamas.

  • I have never had to call him and tell him to have the guys at the counter to deliver the material to my car because I didn't have on the proper restraining garments under those jammies and was too embarrassed to walk inside.

  • I most certainly did not forget to put on my shoes when leaving the house the other day and did not drop off the kids wearing my slippers.

  • Last, but certainly not least, I do not have my cordless house phone out in the van. I was not talking on the phone as I was leaving the house. I most certainly was not thinking I was on my cell phone.

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