Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good Friday, Great Friday!

Last Friday, Good Friday, Steven took the day off of work. We decided to go Up North for the day and just hang out...get away from the hustle and bustle of life. We got up kind of early and ate breakfast at Tony's on the way up. It was surprising to arrive at the "Huntin Shack" and see all of the snow on the ground...only 1 1/2 hours north!

We decided to pile into the Rhino and take a ride to the other side of the river and make sure the barn over there had not been disturbed. Unfortunately, we only make it just a few yards down the trail before we got really really stuck...

Stuck enough that Steven had to walk back and hop on the tractor. Don't worry...I stayed with the kids on the stuck Rhino while he went back for the tractor. This was actually after we pulled the Rhino out and got back to the Huntin Shack.

Our little Annie Oakley was anxious to shoot her new BB gun she got from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas. It was a little difficult for her to shoot at first...the stock was a little long for her. We ended up taking the stock right off the gun and she was hitting her target like a pro! Big Brother was putting some major hurts on the milk jug he was aiming at too.

Boogie just jumped around in the snow looking cute. You might have noticed that she has no hat or gloves on...don't worry, we were not out for very long. We had a nice toasty fire in the Huntin Shack.

Me...I took the opportunity to take some pictures. I guess if there was any good side to having all the snow up there, it made for some really cool pictures.

It was pretty awesome to photograph God's beautiful creation on one of the most precious days of the year...the day we celebrate Good Friday.
Good Friday? No...GREAT Friday!

But Where's the Doors Daddy?

While helping her dad review some prints for a new Applebee's, Boogie is quite perplexed...
"But Where's the Doors, Daddy?"
She was having a difficult time finding the way in. If that were the only hurdle to overcome when working on a bid!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Husbands Love Your Wives...

When you read the passage in Ephesians that states, "25Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her..." what comes to mind? What does it mean? Have you ever seen anyone demonstrate that kind of love for his spouse?

There is no doubt in my mind that my husband loves me dearly, this is not meant to be an attack on him or anything to imply that he does not measure up to God's standards, so please don't read this and think that I want my husband to be any different than who he is.

There is a couple in our church that are facing a lot of trials right now. Laura and her husband have been married for about 8 years, have 2 small children and are facing the end of Laura's life. She has been battling cancer for about a year now.

Her husband has demonstrated an unfailing love and devotion to her, which, to me, is what the verse in Ephesians talks about. You can read their story that was in the Oakland Press by clicking on the link below. It is a tear-jerker, but very worth the read.

When you are finished, please pray for this family. I have had the privilege of caring for their 2 year old son in the nursery for the past year and love the little guy dearly. Pray that God would continue to be their comfort and strength during this trial.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kids Say the Cutest Things

Today Boogie had a follow-up appointment to re-check her ears to make sure they were infection free after last months bout with infection. As we were sitting in the exam room, she was carefully surveying the landscape. Her eyes fixed on a jar of cotton balls sitting on the counter...

"Mommy, why do the doctors have sheep in there?"

I love looking at the world through the eyes of a small child. The jar of cotton balls did, in fact, look like a jar full of sheep...albeit small sheep.

Take the time to find some humor in your day today. Enjoy the little things!

I'd also like to lift some people in prayer today, as well. Encourage Amanda and her boys as her husband is on deployment. Pray for God's hedge of protection around him as he is away. Pray for Joshua's family as they are mourning his loss. Pray for Tricia as she may be developing an infection in her lungs. Also pray for her new lungs to come soon. Pray for our Florida family that they would continue to settle in down there...that it would soon begin to feel like home.

Have a blessed day today!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Prayer Request

I have another prayer request...on my links, you will see a link for a baby named Joshua. He has an encephalocele that burst and he is slowly dying. From what his mom posted, his body is slowly starting to shut down, but seems to be in no pain. Lift this family in prayer...

As an update to my personal request, the situation is still not completely resolved, still kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Still praying that God will work out the situation for the best for those involved.

Thank you for being my praying friends!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Please Pray

Please be in prayer for little Gwenyth. Nate updated this morning that she has had a small set back and is back on the vent. It may be that she is just tired from breathing so well on her own...or it may be the start of infection. He also posted a request for her eyes...ROP may be developing. You may read about them at his blog.

I, too, have a personal request that I am not really at liberty to discuss. Please pray that God would provide wisdom and discernment for those involved, that the right thing would also be done for the parties involved. This is something very heavy on my heart today. I know God knows the situation. Also pray for salvation for the people involved. Unrighteous living is at the root of the problem.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What I love about being a Mom

Someone had a great idea of a way to encourage Tricia. They listed the things that are great about being a mom, the things that they couldn't wait for Tricia to experience. My list is a little different, as my babies are really no longer babies. Here are some of the things I love about being a mom...

  • Standing back and watching your child give one of his Awana trophies to someone who didn't earn it just because he didn't need 2
  • Having your little one wrap her arms around your neck, smothering your face in kisses telling you that she "loves you way waaay waaaay more"
  • The smell of a baby fresh out of the tub all slathered in lotion
  • A big brother as he picks up and comforts his little sister after she falls
  • Overhearing little conversations while your two little girls are in the shower
  • Conversations with imaginary friends
  • Hearing your own words of comfort and kindness in your children when they are playing with their own babies
  • Watching your child conquering one of his or her fears
  • Seeing your child(ren) as they wobble along on their bicycle for the first time without training wheels
  • That look on Christmas morning
  • Praying your daughter through her first piano recital
  • Watching your children in their school plays
  • Having your child comfort you as you are walking him or her to the door of the Kindergarten classroom (I totally cried)
  • Seeing them at the end of the day waving goodbye to all of their friends at school
  • The healing power of your kisses when your child gets an owie
  • Hearing from those that work with your children that they are kind, caring and respectful
  • Being there when your child trusts Christ for the first time and watching them being baptized
  • The little noises, smiles and sighs a baby makes while sleeping
  • The look of love in the eyes of a baby when he or she spots mom from across the room
  • Hearing your children's prayers
  • The first rollercoaster ride
  • A walk in the woods becomes part of an action adventure movie
  • Catching his or her first fish

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Friendly Competition

I think "The Fever" has finally hit everyone in the house. One of the side effects of this fever is an increase in the flow of testosterone in the home. This said "Fever" has brought out a sense of competitiveness resulting in a contest of sorts.

The competitors....

Weighing in at an impressive....Naah, he'd kill me if I broadcasted his weight to the world...My handsome husband...yes, he is playing with the cat & no, the cat is not the other competitor, I had to recycle a photo from the other day. He hates it when I take his picture.

In the other corner we have Big Brother. He's been pulling back a bow for one season now. He
makes bales of straw all over the back yard quake with fear...The contest: Who can hold the bow back the longest.

Steven skillfully pulls back his bow...
Not to be outdone, Big Brother, too draws his bow. Notice the stern look of determination as he focuses in on a target...

Be Afraid...

So after a few minutes, fatigue and giggles set in.

C'mon Dad! My arm is killing me...

Is Big Brother losing his resolve and this contest?

Not this time! Just seconds after this shot, Dad got a cramp in his elbow and had to throw in the towel, leaving the big brother the winner of this contest!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Attack of the Rogue Sharpie

To look at Boogie, she appears to be so sweet, so innocent. Her eyes sparkle and drink you right in. Her long eyelashes and her beautiful smile pretty much render a person useless. It is hard to say no to her. It is also hard not to believe every word she says...she just looks that sweet. Even with an orange juice mustache. So, when I saw the sharpie and ink on her shirt, I naturally had to ask if she was writing on her shirt. She just gave me the smile you see in the first picture.

She figured that since I liked that so much, she would show me the rest of her artwork.
She slowly unveils her canvas....
Only to reveal that she didn't do it! She tried to tell me that sissy held her down and drew all over her belly.
I asked if she was telling stories, she sweetly said yes.
She really didn't know how that got there. Evidently I have a rogue Sharpie and an ink pen on the loose...a regular modern day Bonnie and Clyde...marking up bellies everywhere with color...They must have held her down and drawn all over her. See picture number one...look at those eyes. Would they lie?