Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Potty Humor...

Today was one of those rare occasions that Steven and I were able to spend the whole day together. Unfortunately, it was because he didn't have work for the day. Thankfully, though, we do have work lined up for the rest of the week.

We have been looking at cars lately, wanting to find something relatively inexpensive that gets good gas mileage. Today we spent the day driving around looking at cars. One stop in particular, I had to take Boogie to the potty.

Every time we use a public restroom, I remind her..."Please do not lock the door. I am afraid that you won't be able to unlock it. I will just hold the door for you, no one will walk in." Being that she is now 3, I am not able to go into the stall with her...you know...3 year olds need their privacy.

Every time she uses the potty in the public restroom, she insists on locking the door. Once again I will break into my "PleasedonotlockthedoorIamafraidthatyouwon'tbeabletounlockit" speech. Usually she laughs at me and says ever so sweetly "No I won't!"

Today she did.

Yep. She locked herself in the stall and couldn't get out.

I kept trying to coach her from the outside of the door... "Boogie, listen to me...pull down on the latch, pull it toward the floor...."

Boogie: "Oh, like this mom?"
Me: "I'm not really sure...I can't see through the door. If you are pulling the lock toward the floor then, yes, you are doing it right." The lock would not budge.

We went back and forth about 10 times, me repeating the instructions, and her asking me if I can see through the door if she was doing it right. I was just about ready to give up and have her crawl under the door when it FINALLY opened.

Thank goodness! The thought of shimmying my big butt under the door and touching the bathroom floor to unlock the door really had me grossed out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Still Here!

Just wanted to give a quick little update! I have quite a few things I need to post, but it seems that the days just seem to fly by.

Spring has finally sprung! Can't help but have a little spring in the step and a smile on the face!
I'm back to my wheat-free eating. That, too, has done wonders for my mood. My head is so much clearer, I'm not ready for a nap by 2pm.

As much as I try to stop them, the kids are growing like weeds. Won't be long before Big Brother is taller than me! We just got report cards in about a week ago. I have to admit, I am very proud of the grades Big Brother and Sissy have gotten this past marking period. Let's just say they are breaking Grandpa's Bank with the $2/A pay-out.

I'll be back soon...promise!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Still Praisin'!

This morning I was having one of those little break downs that I have every now and again. Work is still slow, but God is still providing day by day. We've spent countless hours submitting bids, but so far nothing has really come of it. Our prices are in line, but there is just so much competition for work. I submitted a bid on a project the other day to 15 different general contractors.

I just had a little conversation with God telling him that I was getting tired. Are we doing what we are supposed to be doing? Are we supposed to continue on with this business or look at something different? Walking in faith sometimes gets so tiresome. Of course Satan is there poking you in the ribs telling you that things are worse than what they are. I try so hard to stay strong and be an encourager to my husband. He carries the stress, too.

Anyway, in the midst of my little breakdown, I went outside to get the mail...which, consequently can add to the stress or sometimes take it away. Today it was an okay mail day. No bills! No money either...still praying that God would continue to ease the burdens we are carrying. While I was outside, a Focus on the Family representative called and left a very sweet message. She just called to care for us...if we needed anything, she was there to pray or minister in any way we needed. I broke down in tears right then. God cares so intimately about the little things in our lives and truly does hear every word we say to him. His timing is always perfect. He sent me a stranger in Colorado to tell me I am cared for.

A few minutes later, the phone rang. It was my father-in-law telling me that a customer we have not dealt with in about 1 1/2 years was looking for an electrician. It dawned on me that the people that have called lately for work are all believers in varying circumstances. Some called on for work at their homes, others for their businesses...but they are all believers. God has used them to minister to me. These people have no idea how God has used them. It is just overwhelming to me to have a God that cares so much.

With so much uncertainty, God is certain. Have a blessed day today.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tricia's Getting Her Lungs!

If you have not visited Nate's blog, his wife Tricia is currently in surgery for her new lungs. Please keep her, the family, the doctors, and the donor family in your prayers. From what it sounds like, it has been a very long night for them.

UPDATE: THE SURGERY WAS A SUCCESS! Tricia is now in ICU recovering from her surgery. Continue to pray for her recovery!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Laura's Been Set Free...

In this post, I asked for prayer for a couple at our church who were battling cancer. Monday around 1 am, Laura was set free from the pain she was in and entered into heaven with her savior. As I understand it, her brave knight was by her side as he was through the entire battle. I, again, ask you to lift her husband and children in prayer as they begin life without her. I just pray that in the time she was here that they were able to make the memories that last a life time for them, and that when they think of her, they will know she is at peace in heaven. I pray also that the children will know that they, too, can see her again if they accept the gift of salvation.