Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby Jacob Fahmer

Baby Jacob was born with Trisomy-18. This amazing little man lived for about 138 days before Jesus called him home. On his blog, it said that he passed away at about 5:30 today. Please lift his family in prayer.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sponberg Family

This morning while driving home from dropping the kids at school I was listening to our local Family Life Radio station. The morning crew was asking for prayers for Nicol and Greg Sponberg. For those of you who don't know, Nicol Sponberg was in the Christian music group Selah. Her and her husband had just welcomed their second son into the world in March. When she went into his room to check on him, she found that he was not breathing and was not able to be revived. All this comes about 7 weeks following the passing of Todd and Angie Smith's baby Audrey Caroline. Todd, also a founding member of Selah, is Nicol's brother. Please remember this family in prayer. You can find further information and updates on Angie's blog. Angie has posted a list of specific prayer requests.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5 Favorite Things Meme

So it seems that my sister has tagged me again. I guess it is time to disclose more of my nasty habits...
5 things...

5 Things found in my purse/bag:

1. Checkbook/wallet

2. Gum wrappers

3. Old receipts

4. Chapstick

5. Ink Pen

5 Things found in my bedroom:

1. My pillowtop bed

2. My sewing machine

3. 2 deer skulls (mounted on a nice plaque)

4. Box of clothes the kids have outgrown

5. A big box of Stampin' up stamps

5 Things I am currently into

1. Sewing

2. Helping my children learn to play soccer

3. Encouraging my husband

4. Saving money

5. Growing in the Lord

5 Things I've wanted to do:

1. See a glacier

2. Visit Alaska

3. Go on a missions trip

4. Live near my sister

5. Run a family friendly resort somewhere

The part I always struggle with in this whole tag thing is who to tag next. I know we played a round or 2 of tag a few months back, so I'm not going to re-tag those who comment here often. I am, however, tagging those who read but never comment. I know you are there somewhere, I see your dots on my map and your marks on my counter! Please play along and leave me a link! Oh, and if you don't have a blog, just list your favorite things in the comments! Now you have no exuse.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Seems that lately the stress of life has been getting the better of us. Last Friday was no exception. As the case has been for months now, work was really slow. Steven and his employee were in the barn working on stuff after a really slow day and kind of depressed. I told Steve that it was a perfect day to go fishin'. He kind of laughed it off at first. Being the submissive wife I am....I persisted. I told him that fishin' is a great way to relieve stress and it really doesn't cost much to fish, especially when your bestest friends have a nice little lake on their property just teeming with fish waiting for us to catch them. After a few kicks in the hiney we headed off to The Oliver's for some R & R.

5 Great Things About Fishin'...

1. Brings out the Smile in Everyone
2. Everyone, both young and old can be involved...
3. Awesome Stories about the ones we landed...

4. No special outfit required...
5. Great times with great friends...
...and 6... (I know it was only supposed to be a list of 5), no one really remembers much about the beginning of the day Friday...just the awesome time we had while we were fishin'.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I was having a telephone conversation with my husband regarding some business matter. I made the comment that "I put a bug in his ear" about a situation at a customer's home. When I got off the phone, Boogie was quite perplexed....
"Mom, why did you put a bug in his ear?"

The Mighty Zeus

I apologize up front for the images you are about to see....

We went Up North last weekend to stay at the huntin' shack on my in-laws property. Mighty Zeus spent the weekend running through the woods, up and down the river banks collecting sticks, grass, leaves and what ever else his velcro fur would pick up. His poor fur was matted beyond belief.
He went from this...

To this...

What you can't see in this picture is him shivering from being so cold!
The poor dog has been hiding out in his little den for the past few days. I know he is feeling a little...naked after his haircut. I know I'm not helping matters much, I pretty much giggle every time I look at him. Thankfully his hair will grow back. Hopefully he won't be emotionally scarred for life. You should have seen all the fun he had running around in the woods!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cell Phones and Lawn Mowers

This is what happens when you cross and innocent cell phone and a not so innocent lawnmower.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The World According to Boogie

"Boogie, will you please throw this stuff in the garbage for me?"
Boogie: "Sure"
Mom: "Thanks"
Boogie: "Why are you torturing me?"
Mom: "That's just what us moms do, torture our children by making them throw things in the garbage."

As I was getting dressed today, Boogie came running into my room in her brand new Cinderella underwear...
Boogie: "Don't look at me I'm naked"
Me: "You're not naked, you have your beautiful Cinderella undies on. I love those, I wish I had a pair."
Boogie: "You could buy some..."
Me: "I don't think they make them in my size."
Boogie: "I'll make you some...everyone should have Cinderella undawares."