Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

As I prepare tonite for our New Year's Eve Party, I just wanted to wish all of you a Happy New Year. I pray that the next year is full of blessings and that you all may experience the presence of God in your lives. 2009 has been an exciting year for us. We saw the Lord work in and through many situations in our lives. He has taught us to be patient and faithful. In turn, he has been patient and faithful to us. He has blessed us with some pretty amazing friends. New relationships were formed, old relationships were strengthened.

We've watched our children grow..taller, more mature, and more responsible. I've stood back and witnessed moments as they interact with friends and family where they are "getting it." They are the kind, caring and godly people I have always prayed they would be.

I've watched my husband deepen his walk with the Lord...fully trusting that He would accomplish the great works in our lives, just as He said in his word.
Just don't tell him I put this picture of him on here. He might not like that so well. I had to show you his deep and mature side. Remember this post about the whole tongue thing?

I've learned a great many things this year. I pray the lessons learned won't soon be forgotten. I pray that I will take these lessons and grow from them and be reminded always of the great things the Lord has done for us.

Goodbye 2009!