Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I blinked and realized it is June already. Hard to believe in my last post I was ushering in the New Year.

The Lord still amazes me with his kindness and mercy. We have experienced his love and grace in many ways these past 6 months. For starters, Steven had a pretty nasty accident on his dirt bike back in April. At times, I still can see it in my mind when I shut my eyes. His breathing, how he looked and that feeling of sheer panic of not knowing if he was going to be okay...the ambulance ride to the hospital. The sights and sounds of the trauma room. My church family surrounding us with their love and prayers. An amazing God. Escaping with a concussion and stitches when it should have been so much worse. Doctors amazed at the miracle of no broken bones. Our God at work.

Almost 2 weeks to the day after that accident, Steven ran himself over with a truck. I know...I asked him the same thing. How did you manage that? He had left it running out in the driveway, was checking the lights and it popped into gear. He ran around to the driver's side to stop it. He is not sure if he fell out, missed or what...just remembers the truck rolling over his left leg. Another trip to the er... and another miracle. No broken bones. Hyper-extended muscles, lots of pain and swelling, but no broken bones. Again, God's hedge of protection.

God is so gracious to us. There were so many blessings that have come out of these accidents, I can't even begin to count them all.

Time to change the subject! The youngins are out of school for the summer. My boy is finished with 6th grade, sis just finished 4th and Boogie completed k-4. The big kids are off to Chicago at the moment with my mother in law taking in the sights and spending money! At last count, Dakota had bought 3 different Lego sets and Sis got an American Girl doll. Steven is out in Iowa wiring a log home. Boogs and I are here holding down the fort until everyone returns on Friday. Sunday Dakota will be off to teen camp with the church.

I can't get over how fast time is flying. As I write, there are so many things flying through my mind...I said goodbye to my Aunt Laura a few weeks ago. She was the last of my great grandmother's surviving siblings. Another generation gone. A sweet cousin graduated. She was 2 when I got married. I recently found a couple of lost relatives online who were about 2 and 4 years of age when I last saw them. They are now 26 and 24.

Can you even begin to imagine how God must feel? Sure makes me appreciate his love all that much more. As much as I desire a relationship with him, he desires fellowship with me all that much more. Makes me realize that time passes too quickly. The enemy throws all sorts of things in our paths to distract us from the one who loves us so much that he sent his son to earth to establish a righteous relationship with us. With that said...my Father and I have some catching up to do.

Blessings friends...