Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Happened to my Baby?

Four years ago today, God blessed us with our little Boogie. She was a bit of a surprise to us on many counts. We weren't necessarily "trying" to have another baby. Fortunately for our family God had other plans. Her big brother and sister wanted to have a baby in the house and prayed for Boogie. Big brother wanted a little brother and sis wanted twin girls to help her clean her room. For those who don't think God has a sense of humor, I beg to differ. I found out I was pregnant the day after the kids prayed for a baby.

My pregnancy was filled with days of the big kids arguing whether it was going to be a girl or a boy because both had petitioned God and sent in their requests. We had made it our policy to not find out the sex of the baby during ultrasounds because we truly loved the surprise. The bickering back and forth became pretty intense. Sis was very adamant that it was a girl and was not having it any other way. In a moment of weakness somewhere around the 8 month pregnant mark, I broke down and asked my ob nurse what we were having. They had the results of the ultrasound in my chart. Steve and I didn't share with anyone what we knew, we just felt we were a little better prepared to talk with sis more and prepare her "just in case." Going into delivery we smiled at each other, feeling proud of ourselves from keeping this little secret. The big moment came when the tiny baby was delivered. Both of us were anxious to meet our precious son....but wait...those were girl parts. The joke was definitely on us.

I have to admit, we have the best of both worlds in Boogie. She is a pretty little princess on most days, but belches, toots and acts like a boy on others. She has an awesome sense of humor and is very quick witted. God makes no mistakes. He created an amazing child just perfect for our family.

When her brother and sister were finally able to meet her, the arguing immediately stopped. She had everyone's heart wrapped around her delicate little fingers. She still does to this day.

So today, we wish a very happy birthday to our little Boogie. We pray that God would bless her this upcoming year and always.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What I've been up to...

Just thought I'd give you all a glimpse of what I've been up to since the family left.
  • I went to Joann's and bought fabric on Friday evening for a couple of projects
  • Went home and butchered the fabric...have to buy some more on Saturday
  • I went to the bathroom (many times) with no one barging in
  • I took a shower and a bath. Again, no one barged in or had to poo (that ALWAYS happens when I decide to take a bath). I sang loudly in the shower and no one was around to complain about how bad it sounded
  • I slept in until 8:45 am
  • I walked up to get the mail this morning and managed to lock myself out of the house for about an hour.
  • I successfully broke into my house (that is scary)
  • I finished almost all of my Christmas Shopping today!!
  • I made it through a bunch of stores without having to drop everything and run to the bathroom, tell the little on a million and one times that I am NOT buying her everything she sees, yelling at the older 2 to stop arguing, shushing anyone and hearing about tired feet and being bored.
  • I replaced the fabric I butchered
  • I splurged on a hot mocha from Starbucks
  • Thanked the Lord 10 times over for watching out for me today. Prayed for my family to be safe while we are apart. Thanked God for his greatness today.

I really thought that I would have a difficult time with the family being gone. Turns out, it hasn't been that bad!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Home Alone

I don't believe this has happened in about 10 years, but tonite and all day tomorrow I will be home all alone. Just me and my dog Zeus. Steven is taking the kids up north to Grandma's to bake Christmas cookies while him and his friend go snowmobiling. I've kind of been stressing about it a little, as this is such a rarity. The quiet of the house with no children is sometimes deafening for me. Hopefully I can get finished up with some of the Christmas stuff that is going on! I just might have to take a bubble bath, too.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thankful Heart

Today I write with a thankful heart. There are so many things I am thankful for, so I thought I'd post about them here today...(please note that this is a bulleted list, not a numbered list. I have not placed these in is also not a complete list.)

  • I am thankful for my husband. He loves the Lord and takes his responsibilities as provider of our family very seriously. He loves our children with immeasurable love and is not afraid to show it. He teaches them how to love the Lord. He sacrifices himself daily for his family.
  • I am thankful for my children. They bring me joy almost every minute I am around them. They, too, love the Lord and want to do what is pleasing to Him. They are caring, kind and compassionate children with a great sense of humor. They honor the Lord in their school work and with their attitudes toward school.
  • I am thankful for my home. Though it seems small at times, I feel blessed to be so close to everyone in the house. No chance of losing anyone here! It is warm and cozy and within our means.
  • I am thankful for my Savior. He knows me in and out. He has blessed me with home, family and food on the table. He has sacrificed himself so that I may live. He hears and answers all of my prayers, he provides for me. He gently reprimands me when I misstep. He wraps me in his arms of grace when I am down and restores me to complete.
  • In these rough economic times, he has flooded our doorstep with work. My husband and I have just praised and praised the Lord for his goodness over the past few weeks. I am not sure how long this busy streak will last, but today I am very thankful.
  • I am thankful for our service men and women. They sacrifice their lives, spend huge amounts of time away from their families and lay everything on the line to protect my freedom and defend my country.
  • I am thankful for the spouses and children of our service men and women who are separated during deployment. For the extra slack they pick up when a loved one has been called away. For the strength and stability they show on the home front and for faithfully keeping the "home fires burning."
  • For the parents who faithfully bring their children before the Lord and train him in his ways
  • I am thankful for the Christian school my children attend. For the caring and dedicated staff who pray over my children. For the love that is shown to them daily
  • I am thankful for the tough times, for the sickness. I am reminded to be thankful for the days when we are all healthy and prosperous, for everything can change in an instant.
  • I am thankful for vivid memories. They are sure helpful when losing a loved one. I am thankful for the assurance of heaven for those who have a relationship with the Lord.
  • I am thankful for snow days, Christmas Vacation and time spent with my family.
  • I am thankful for stores that are busy and full of pretty much whatever I need, for I know that is not the case in other countries.

Today I am very thankful. My prayer is that the Lord would keep me ever mindful of His blessing and that I would approach him with a heart of thanksgiving for the great things He hath done.