Friday, January 25, 2008

The Sweeter Side of Life

I was just going back through some old pictures on my computer and came across a few showing some of the sweeter more savory moments. I guess I'm feeling a little sappy right now. My first baby is going to be 10 in just a matter of a couple of days.

I can remember growing up and counting down the years to be able to drive, to graduate, and (forgive me God, but this was BC) to legally drink. It seemed like forever before I was old enough to hit those milestones. I remember my mom throwing a surprise 35 th birthday party for my dad and, he's really getting old. Now I'm sitting here, 35 and wondering where the years have gone. It seems that since I've had children someone has hit the fast forward button on the vcr of my life!

This has caused me to be ever thankful for the time we have. To savor every moment with our children...both the good and the bad, and to make sure that you are creating memories.

I love to watch daddies and their little girls...

...and little girls as they blossom into young ladies...

...or your sweet innocent baby boy as he sleeps (please look past the nasty pillow)...

...a proud big brother as he holds his new baby sister...

...lovin' up Grandpa...

...or sweet bedtime stories shared by sisters...
Life doesn't get any better than this.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Breakfast Hats

A few years back when our oldest son was about 11 months old we took a little vacation to Montana. It just happened to be very cold and snowy while we were there. We did a little shopping and came across a hat that at the time really defined the essence of Big Brother's personality. We have since passed this hat down from child to child. Somewhere in the mix and chaos of our home, we had temporarily misplaced this hat. While cleaning Big Brother's room, we found the hat and tried to get Boogie to wear it. At first, she wasn't buying it. We told her it was Saturday Breakfast Hat Day and everyone who was eating breakfast had to wear a Breakfast Hat. She still was a little apprehensive with this idea. Big Brother, on the other hand, never passes up an opportunity to be in front of the camera. He proudly displays his Breakfast Hat.

Or the case may be.

He enjoyed it so much that he had a variety of Breakfast Hats.

Sissy, on the other hand thought this whole thing was weird and thought to herself, how did someone as cool as me (in my cheetah print jammies Aunt Sara made) end up in a family like this? Just to make them all happy, I'll wear my pink Breakfast Hat.

Boogie finally joined in with a spirit of cooperation and even acted like she was enjoying herself.

She even gave us some "Cheese"

Oh...did I mention that 6 M & M's were involved? Sometimes you just have to speak their language. AAh, the power of M & M's.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New New Testament?

Let me just start off by saying that I believe that the Bible is perfect and complete just the way it is. I would never propose that God had something wrong or that it plain isn't relevant anymore...that couldn't be further from the truth. I am continually amazed at the timelessness of the Bible and how it can and does speak to every situation that we face.

The other day I was thinking about the way our society operates. We are consumed with "New and Improved." Remember a few years ago they tried to improve upon Coke? We are now back to Classic Coke. This got me thinking about the Bible. What if God were to update the Bible and create a "New New Testament?" What kinds of stories would it include? Do you know of anyone famous or infamous that might be included? Think about some of the people you know. Are their stories of courage and faith something that we should take notice of?

I came across a blog the other day of a man who is living out his faith in a large way. He and his wife are providing a Godly example of how we should conduct ourselves in face of pain, sadness, trial and suffering. I have to say that my first reaction in reading this blog was not that of sadness and of pity, but a feeling of victory and strength. I was so encouraged by his words and the attitudes of both him and his wife. I find their story to be very empowering.

I am sure that he has his moments of weakness, but don't we all? It is awesome to see that through the midst of his sufferings, he can praise our God and encourage others. He is able to see the blessing and the greater picture of God's plan in the life of his family.

Because of all of this, I would have to say that Nathan would get my vote for inclusion in the New New Testament. There are so many things that we could learn from his example. If you have some spare time, click on Nathan's name to be taken to his blog. Also, lift this family up in prayer, pray that God would continue to be their strength and source of encouragement, their Great Physician and Healer, Comforter, Shield and Defender. We have seen God work a miracle in the birth of the Little White Rose.

Immediately I think of the verse that speaks about faith of a mustard seed being able to move a mountain. Imagine what faith like that of Nathan and Tricia's could do...they could knock the earth off its axis! Thank you Lord for this couple and the great work being accomplished through them!

Have a Blessed Day!

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Glimpse of Destini

Welcome to my little corner of the web. The relocation of part of our family to Florida prompted me to try a blog...Everyone's doing it these days! Hopefully the ability to sign on and see what's going on at our house will make others feel like they are not so far away...